Campervan conversion

Campervan Conversion

Welcome to the homepage of our campervan conversion project! On this page, we have collected all of our blog posts related to our conversion. They are ordered into main categories here. As our campervan conversion is still a work in progress, so is this page. As we continue to further build our campervan, we also complete this page. We hope, that by sharing what we learn along the way, this page will help you with your campervan conversion project!

The start

Pulling the trigger and starting is often the most difficult part of any project. Here we share the van that we chose to turn into our future home on wheels and explain what to look out for when buying yours!


Unless you’re buying a new van, there is some work to be done before the real conversion process can start. In our van we had quite some issues with rust we had to deal with as well as other small things.

Rust on the floor of a van


After all preparations have been done it is time to start on the actual build of your future home on wheels! The first part we installed is the floor!

The newly installed floor of our campervan

Electrical system

Before we can install the insulation and other parts of the build, it is most convenient to put the wiring in first. However, to know which wires to buy and which go where, we needed to make a plan. To help you set up your electrical system, we’ve written a set of blog posts with among others a post that contains a wire size calculator!

electrical diagram campervan


Insulation is key to keep you comfortable year-round in your campervan. It does not only keep you warm during cold winters, but will also help you keep the heat out on  hot summer days. Here you can find a list of eco-friendly insulation materials that you can use and their main characteristics, as well as how we’ve gone about insulating our campervan.

cork insulation board


During a campervan conversion a lot happens. Many decisions need to be made on a daily basis,  a lot of stuff needs to be bought.  A wide variety of tasks need to be done which can quickly become overwhelming and cause you to make ill-considered decisions and choices. This can quickly lead to mistakes that could’ve easily be prevented.  Here we share some of our general experiences and lessons we’ve learned during our conversion process to keep in mind during your campervan conversion project.

campervan conversion workbench

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