Recipe: eggshell powder

As some of you might know from reading our previous blog posts, we actively promote food waste limitation. We recently shared a blog post in which we explained the subject of food waste in depth, and we shared three simple recipes that include ingredients that people often throw out. Today, we’d like to share another recipe with you, and give you some ideas on how to use egg shell powder in your home!


Eggshell powder on a teaspoon


Let’s talk about the eggshell

Eggshells might look like simple empty shells to you, but they actually are a very important part of the life cycle of numerous species of birds and reptiles. The eggshells that chicken crawl out of consists of 97% calcium carbonate crystals, which makes it a perfect calcium supplement.


Plate with empty eggshells


The inside of an eggshell is covered with a thin layer that you might have seen stuck to your boiled egg on sunday mornings. There are two membranes located between the shell and the egg white that protect the egg from bacterial invasions. These membranes are composed of proteins, one of them being collagen. They also contain glucosamine, chondroitin, and hyaluronic acid. All of these compounds are great in treating pain related to joint and connective tissue disorders.


Uses of eggshell powder

Because eggshells are so incredibly beneficial it would be a shame to throw them out, so here’s a list of some of the benefits of using eggshell powder.

  • Calcium supplement: this powder is great for people that suffer from osteoporosis, for dogs or cats fed a raw diet that don’t like chewing bone, and it’s perfect for birds to improve the strength of their beaks and the eggs they lay
  • Joint supplement: this powder can help anyone that struggles with pain in joints or connective tissues
    Protects and fertilizes the herb garden: it acts as a natural slug and snail deterrent and provides nutrients for the plants
  • Smoother skin: whisk with an egg white to make a freshening face mask
  • Clean kitchen: it can be added as a natural abrasive, perfect to clean dirty pots and oven
  • Better tomatoes: add it to the soil before planting tomatoes, to protect them from blossom-end rot


Mason jar filled with eggshell powder


Other uses for eggshells

There are some other ways to use egg shells without crushing them into a fine powder. When peeling a boiled egg, tap the top end of the egg on your counter. Remove the top quarter part of the shell and spoon out the boiled egg during your breakfast. This empty eggshell can be filled with soil and it makes the perfect seedling pot! Additionally, you can turn them into scented candles! Fill them up with melted soy wax, add few drops of your favourite essential oil, and insert a wick.


Eggshell powder

November 15, 2017
: 5 min
: 5 min
: 10 min
: Easy


  • 30+ organic eggshells (we collected them over time and saved them in an airtight container in the freezer)
  • Step 1 Place the eggshells on a baking tray and bake for 5 minutes on 180 degrees Celsius
  • Step 2 Leave to cool, then whizz in a blender until a fine powder forms
  • Step 3 Store in an airtight jar in the fridge

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